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Falanghina IGP (White) €12.00

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, the olfactory notes of fresh fruit in particular are perceptible pineapple and pear, the taste is characterized by a sustained acidity and a good persistence.

Greco di Tufo IGP (white) €12.00

Bright straw yellow color, the aroma is complex, reminiscent of orange blossoms, ripe fruit, walnuts and hazelnuts, with light nuances of anise and honey. On the palate it is full and round, with great body and elegance, without harshness, very structured such as to define it as “the redest of whites”. It has evolved positively over the years

Fiano di Avellino IGP (white) €12.00

Shiny straw yellow color, it has elegant and complex aromas of white flowers, cooked apple, pear and fennel leaf, with the evolution in the bottle the notes of toasted acacia hazelnut and orange honey increase. On the palate it is persistent and elegant and also has a good structure, soft and balanced very fine evolves positively over the years.

Lacryma Christi of Vesuvius DOP (white) €18.00

Yellow in color with greenish notations. The nose is dominated by a hint of apricot and wild herbs, while mineral notes complete the aromatic bouquet. It is structured, full and persistent in the mouth.

Primitivo IGP (red) €12.00

More or less intense ruby ​​color, sometimes tending to garnet, with hints of floral and fruity. On the palate it is full-bodied and well balanced with a good final persistence.

Piedirosso IGP (red) €12.00

A wine with a ruby red color. The nose is complex and exhibits a pronounced minty aroma with herbaceous (rosemary) hints and a background of dark-fleshed fruit such as black currant and blackberry. Mineral tones, cloves and a hint of floral such as wisteria complete its aromatic bouquet. Tannins are characterized by finesse and freshness on the palate with a spicy mineral finish.

Aglianico IGP (red) €12.00

Ruby red color, with hints of under forest, cherries and plums, accompanied by light spicy nuances. On the palate it is well structured and in balance with the body with a good final persistence.

Lacryma Christi of Vesuvius DOP (red) €18.00

An intense red color. The nose presents a generous complexity with evident spicy notes accompanied by fragrances of licorice, straw, and slight nuances of violet. It has a good persistence, freshness and structure in the mouth.

Gragnano DOP (red) €20.00

Ruby red in color with a tendency towards dark. A vinous and rustic bouquet. Sparkling with an evanescent foam. It has an aroma and an extremely volatile smoky aftertaste. Slightly sweet. Despite the color, it should be drunk cold at a temperature of 5-8 degrees.